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CLICK HERE to see how to STAY SAFE online.



The aims of the Jan Foundation are to engage people in communities in combatting domestic violence (DV) by taking the lead in developing DV services in their areas, running prevention campaigns, supporting victims and their families and making others aware that DV affects everyone!

If we are really going to combat domestic violence (DV) then it must become
'community business’ as it affects the whole community. We engage the community in tackling DV by combining:

  • Free locally based Community Training on Mentoring and DV to help community members respond better to DV (especially with victims who are their family and friends) and to gain useful skills for the future.
  • Building Community Support Networks by organising local volunteers to help them use their local knowledge to develop responses to DV that are most appropriate for their communities.
  • Working with volunteers on presentations and events to tell communities about the complex effects of DV on victims and how the behaviour of perpetrators comes from weakness rather than strength
  • Long term one-to-one mentoring support by trained volunteers for women victims and support for family and friends of victims who are also being affected by what is happening.

We currently work in nine wards of South West Birmingham have informal links with other small organisations across the City and wider afield and we are working closely with the SWEET Project in Kings Norton.


The Jan Foundation was set up in memory of a special person who suffered because of domestic violence for much of her life. This left her with serious emotional and mental health problems - including alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately it was hard to find effective help for her and she continued to deteriorate until her early death. As a response to this the Jan Foundation and its first project – the Lantern Project – were set up to help people like Jan. read the full story...


The Jan Foundation is now supported by Our Patron - Model and TV Presenter Danielle Lloyd who herself has been affected by DV.


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